What’s New at The Yurok Country Visitors Center: September 2015

Yurok Country Visitors Center
This traditional Yurok Style canoe was recently added to our collection at the Yurok Country Visitors Center.  The canoe was built by ​George Blake (Hupa & Yurok) and was previously on display at the Yurok Tribal Office. This canoe is still used today in our ceremonies and also to teach the local youth and community our traditional paddling and water safety.

After a very eventful summer, The Yurok Country Visitor Center & Amphitheater is transitioning into the fall season with new hours and more Native American cultural events and tours that are free and open to the public.

Our 3,500 square foot center features interactive exhibits to teach visitors about the Yurok culture and history along with one of the redwood region’s largest retail displays of local Native-made jewelry and crafts.

Hands-on adventure guides are also available to help our guests learn more about the beautiful geographical attractions in the Klamath area and the Redwood National & State Parks. The Yurok Country Visitor Center & Amphitheater is conveniently located in Downtown Klamath, California- across from the Redwood Hotel Casino and Yurok Discovery Village.

Please stop by and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating Yurok history and traditions of the largest tribe in the state of California.

Story Telling with James Gensaw

Yurok Language & Cultural Specialist, James Gensaw, shares his passion and knowledge of  Yurok traditions in a series of storytelling and educational events the whole family will enjoy.  Mr. Gensaw is a renowned Yurok Language & Cultural Specialist, Teacher, Storyteller and Native Artist who has been featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, Smithsonian Magazine and again in this 2015 The New York Times article. As a young man, Gensaw developed a love for the Yurok language and culture from his grandfather who taught him the Yurok words for dogs, birds and other animals.  Today, he works to preserve the Yurok language and traditions by sharing them through teaching and storytelling.

The Story of the Redwoods and The Yurok Tribe

The Story of Yurok People and the Redwoods

Wednesdays in September at 3 p.m. at the Amphitheater
Yurok Tribe Member and storyteller James Gensaw shares the story of the connection between the Yurok people and the Redwood Tree that dates back hundreds of years. This special presentation is followed by a tour Yurok Village Discovery Park, directly across the street from the visitor center.

Guided Tours of Yurok Discovery Village Thursdays at 3 p.m.

Yurok Discovery Village is located next to the Redwood Hotel Casino,  directly across the street from the Yurok Country Visitor Center & Amphitheater. The park features a simulated traditional Yurok village and has been constructed using traditional materials such as redwood planks and Douglas fir poles. Learn More.


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