The Yurok Scenic Byways Will Take You Through Our Most Treasured Lands

There is simply no place quite like California’s iconic North Coast, home to Redwood National and State Parks, breathtaking ocean views, the tallest trees on Earth, the tranquil Klamath river, and the state’s largest Native American tribe.  Yurok Country is within easy driving distance of the more than 200 miles of trails that meander along the beaches and through the old-growth forests, forests where some trees approach over 350 feet in height and 2,000 years of age.


Yurok Country Visitor Center is Now Open

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After months of hard work and anticipation, the brand new 3,500 square‐foot Yurok Country Visitor Center & Amphitheater officially opened its doors to the public Thursday, June 18, 2015 with a special ribbon cutting ceremony. The new facility is part of a multi‐million dollar economic development initiative to improve Downtown Klamath.

In addition to revitalizing the area, this new facility will offer tourists and locals a place to learn about Yurok history while giving Klamath an economic boost. The new visitor’s center will highlight geographical attractions in the Klamath area and the Redwood National & State Parks.

“The Yurok Country Visitor Center will educate visitors about the traditions and culture of the tribe and about life along the Klamath River and the redwood coast,” said Thomas P. O’Rourke Sr., Chairman of the Yurok Tribe. “This beautiful new facility will become a hub for tourist information and local businesses.”

Yurok Tribe said its new visitor’s center is one of the tribe’s latest job-creating ventures; supporting tribal artisans by offering one of the redwood region’s largest retail displays of local Native-made jewelry and crafts. It will also promote area businesses and educate visitors about the history of the tribe.

“We hope by investing in the town’s infrastructure and facilities we can help existing local businesses and attract new ones to our area. This will create long‐term prosperity for all,” O’Rourke Sr. continued.

The center along with a reconstructed Yurok village was paid for by federal funding from the National Scenic Byways Program.

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The visitors center is open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
101 Klamath Blvd
Klamath, CA 95548
(707) 482-1555

Yurok Country Visitor Center & Amphitheater Opens June 18th!

Yurok Country

Yurok Country

The much anticipated opening of the Yurok Country Visitor Center is finally here! The facility, opening to the public June 18th, will be the hub for tourist information and local businesses while educating visitors about the Yurok Tribe’s Heritage and culture. Come and learn about the ancestral lands of the Yuork people, including much of the coastline near present day Klamath, extending up the Klamath River for over 40 miles.

The Yurok Tribal Council and Yurok Visitor Center are hosting an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday June 17th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. which will include a cultural talk in the amphitheater, cake and light refreshments.

The approximately 3,500 square-foot Yurok Country Visitor Center is located in Downtown Klamath on the corner of Klamath Blvd and Klamath Circle and is within walking distance from Redwood Hotel Casino. The location is also in the heart of Redwood National and State Parks, home to some of the last remaining old-growth redwoods on the planet.




In keeping with traditional Yurok design and building practices, the new facility incorporates green building design and materials with renewable energy resources including solar, wind, and geothermal heating.  The already lush area is beautifully landscaped with local native plants and interpretive signage indicating the native Yurok use of the plants.

Visitors will also be welcome to explore the brand new Yurok Village Discovery Park, directly across the street from the visitor center. This self-guided park features a simulated traditional Yurok village and fish cooking pit for private events. The village has been constructed using traditional materials such as redwood planks and Douglas fir poles.

The Park also includes an outdoor gathering circle (amphitheater), walking trails, canoe carving area, handicapped accessible restrooms, outdoor lighting, paved parking areas and access roadways. The cultural park will provide a space for Tribal families to provide for an interchange of Yurok culture and history to current and future generations.