The Redwood Creek Buckarettes Provide an Unmissable Ride Through Redwood National Park

There are three requirements to providing an extraordinary guided tour.

  1. The leader is both knowledgeable and charismatic.
  2. The tour is unique and memorable.
  3. The location possesses unparalleled beauty and history.

Needless to say, The Redwood Creek Buckarettes provide all three in their incomparable horseback tours through Redwood National and State Parks.

Redwood Creek Buckarettes

Photo Source- Redwood Creek Buckarettes on Facebook

Co-owners (and sisters) Kristina and Kimberly’s history on horseback dates back to their earliest days of long Thanksgiving rides with their father. Now they (along with their Junior Buckarettes Kaitlyn and Taylor) have turned their passion into a profession as they take visitors on captivating rides under the mighty trees of Redwood National Park.

The Redwood Creek Buckarettes offer three distinct riding experiences:

Majestic Ride

This ride’s naming is no mistake. Visitors will be lead through the awe-inspiring old growth forest of the Redwood National Park, traveling 600ft above sea level on this two-hour ride. Breathtaking vistas of the Coastal Redwoods will be passed on this journey, so a camera is highly recommended.

The ride leaves at 10am and 2PM, lasts about 2hr and 15mins, and costs $90.00 per person.

Picnic Ride

The extreme awesomeness of nature will bring out best flavors of a packed picnic lunch, it’s a proven fact. This four-hour ride takes visitors deep into the heart of Redwood National Park through the various stages of the Redwood forest before stopping for a relaxing picnic. Upon finishing lunch visitors will ride back down the trail, enjoying many a photo opportunity along the way.

This ride leaves at 10am, lasts 4hrs, and costs $195.00 per person. Reservations are required.

Goose Pen Ride

Of course, visitors may desire to see the sights without the long journey-time, and the Goose Pen Ride provides just that! Customers can ride up the mountain to have their picture taken inside the Coast Redwood, one of the world’s humongous wonders.

This ride leaves at 10am and 2PM, lasts 1hr and 15mins, and costs $70.00 per person.

Redwood Creek Buckarettes

Photo Source- Redwood Creek Buckarettes on Facebook

Photo Source: Redwood Creek Buckarettes via Facebook

Already thinking about getting your riding boots on and seeing those majestic Redwoods for yourself? Head on over to the Redwood Creek Buckerette’s website to find out more. In the meantime, see what some fellow riders had to say about their experience on the trail:

“Kristina and crew had a great manner with horses, and were a great fit for us – just enough information/talking to keep it interesting while still allowing the nature to take center stage.”

“Taking their hour long Redwood horseback tour was the highlight of our trip. The horses were amazing. The scenery, incredible. The tour was stunning and the guide was super friendly and knowledgeable.”

“These are 5th generation Orick people with a genuine love of the area. Super solid ride for the money into the redwoods on great (healthy and spirited) horses. They have a great control of these animals, and I felt like the size of the group was perfect.”

“Kristina was an awesome guide! They have the best, clean, tame, and very rideable horses. Highly recommend anyone making a trip to the Redwoods to stop by and have Kristina take you through a horseback trek through the forest.”

About Redwood National and State Parks

Known by many as home to the largest trees on Earth, the Redwood National and State Parks is located in Humboldt County, California and has welcomed over 380,000 visitors to enjoy its marvelous forests. The park was first established January 1st, 1968 and has provided an ecosystem for several endangered and threatened species of wildlife in its 110,000 acres.



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