In The Heart of Yurok Country

Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours

Closed for the Season
We will reopen on June 1, 2022
Check back in January 2022 to book your tour

Explore the powerful Klamath River on a quiet adventure to a time when only dugout canoes transported goods and people along its banks. Unchanged for thousands of years, the Yurok dugout canoe, Oohl’-we’-yoch, honors the tallest trees on earth by giving them new life as our most prized creations. As these canoes glide naturally across the water’s surface, our experts guides will provide information and storytelling about the wildlife, geography and history of the Klamath River.

Learn about Yurok history and their way of life. Experience the ancient traditions of the Yurok people and feel at one with the river, ocean, and forest. Find out why the Yurok are notorious boat builders and why each canoe (ohl-we-yoch) is carved with a heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Two hour tours

Wednesday – Sunday

10 AM, 12:30 PM, and 3 PM

On each trip, there will be two canoes with 3-4 passengers with two guides per canoe. Check in for tours will begin at the Klamath Visitor Center located at 101 Klamath Blvd, Klamath CA, 95548. All guests will be briefed on boat safety protocols and COVID-19 safety measures before embarking.

Ticket Purchases

Per Person – $125

Captain Paddler Lessons – $150

Yurok Tribal Members – $100

*There is a $7.50 booking fee*

For more information contact
(707)482-1777 ext. 3081

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